Treatment Prices

      • Simple Cases: from 19.900 NOK or SEK
      • Moderate Cases: from 45.000 NOK or SEK
      • Complex Cases: from 59.000 NOK or SEK
      • Prices from 59.900 NOK or SEK (without governmental support)
      • from 28.000 NOK or SEK (without governmental support)
      • Invisalign First for kids: from 29.900 (this price includes only phase 1 orthopedic with Invisalign)

Transparent offer

Right from the start, you’ll be informed of the total cost of your treatment, including the retainer, and there won’t be any surprises along the way. 

If a government aid is applicable, the amount with government refund will be calculated for your specific case. 

We welcome patients with support from HELFO in Norway or FK in Sweden